Semi-joints, and sphere in material R4FI, bushes and pins in steel. This new Series is made with patented material called R4FI.

This series is made with patented material called R4FI.

The R4FI (an owned mix based on the well-known Polyether Ether Ketone) allows the direct handling and contact of food in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice in such a way that they do not give off any of their constituent parts to the food under normal or foreseeable conditions which could pose a threat to human health.

Dust free
Maintenance Free (no lubrication needed)
Very High Chemical Corrosion Resistance
Max speed: 600 RPM
Temperature range: up to 150┬░ C
Available single joints
Applicable torque: depending on the avg working temperature, speed and working angle.
Field of application: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical industry.

Upon request it is possible to machine grooved hole (E/F) and threaded hole (M). For special executions, please verify the feasibility with our Technical Office.


AR4FI joints: Semi-joints, and sphere in material R4FI, bushes and pins in steel


AR4FI-PS joints: Semi-joints in material R4FI; bushes, pins and sphere


AR4FI-SP joints: Semi-joints, bushes, and pins; sphere in material R4FI.

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