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Industry leader since 1960

ROTAR® was founded in 1960 and since that date, its target was the product quality and the reliability. Main idea was a totally different way to apply the well known Mr. Cardano idea. This feature determined the ROTAR®’s success.

Today ROTAR® is a worldwide known leader in the Universal & Special Joints and Shafts which exports to 85 countries and produces more than 500.000 joints and shafts per year.

ROTAR® 80% of the turnover is made overseas and exported to the following countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Israel, India, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

With an everyday work on research and development and on new technologies, ROTAR® is capable to renew and to offer innovative solutions for the mechanical historical component as the joint is, furthermore revolutionary products.

The third Aramini generation, which manages today the company, boosts the renovation of all internal processes such as the production flow to the renovation of all internal processes such as the production flow via the Kamban Method, the sales approach via a valued distribution network to provide faster responses and solutions making ROTAR® even closer to its customers.

Utility model patent – ​​universal joint, smooth running.
Application and registration of the ROTAR® trademark.
Transition from the second to the third generation, and to lean production.
First exposition in the United States.
First exposition in India.
First exposition in Turkey.
The automation process begins.
Anniversary of 60 years of activity.

our Values

Since the 1960s we manufacture universal and special cardan joints and shafts. Pursuing the perfection and the quality of the product is the strong commitment of Aramini’s third generation, who is currently running the Company.


Our EXPERIENCE, combined with the use of certified and traceable materials, allows us to offer a high-performance product, suitable for any type of application. The wide range of our products satisfies the most different needs, not just in terms of power and speed, required by our customers.


Our VERSATILITY, above all, results in the extreme customization of the product. Each specific and peculiar request of the customer is developed in close collaboration with our Technical Office, which, thanks to its long experience, is able to suggest the most effective and suitable solutions for the customer.


Our QUALITY is assured by a combination of different elements, such as meticulous manufacturing methods, accurate control system, and scrupulous selection of qualitative material. Compared to the benchmarks of the market, based on similar sizes, ROTAR® cardan joints & shafts guarantee a much higher performance.


In 1972 we present and obtain the patent for a utility model – cardan joint, of maximum smoothness.

Today ROTAR® is a worldwide known leader in universal and special shafts and couplings exporting to 85 countries and producing more than 500,000 couplings and shafts annually.

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