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All our products are Made in Italy and each component is entirely manufactured by our company.

All our products are Made in Italy and each component is entirely manufactured by our company.


Discover the criteria to correctly choose one of our products and to perform a correct installation and maintenance.

Tolerances, special executions and surface treatments

Our catalogue show the round bore as standard execution but we have the possibility to carry out special processes and treatments

Our Strenghts

Superior performance

In comparison with the market benchmarks, for the same size, Rotar products guarantee better performance, in terms of torque and duration of the product itself. Performance is ensured by: tighter tolerances for greater precision; by induction hardening, grinding and lapping of each component which allow the axis to be parallel and perpendicular to each other as per our standards. Furthermore, the insertion of the bushes in the forks allows for better accuracy and increases the life of the product. The Rotar® brand is synonymous with quality, as each process is performed internally in our company.

Custom manufacturing

Each customer request is viewed and developed in collaboration with our technical office. In its sixty-year history, the company has trained highly qualified technicians with in-depth knowledge of the product, capable of finding the best solution for each customer.

Product customization is what distinguishes our company. We follow special projects from the development to the realization of the product itself for each customer.

All our products are Made in Italy and each component is entirely manufactured by our company.

High quality and innovative materials

ROTAR® prides itself on the thorough research and selection of high-quality raw materials, while ensuring the use of certified and traceable materials in the manufacturing process. Our pursuit of innovative materials is driven by our commitment to meet the ever-changing market demands, and our aim to enhance the performance and durability of our products. By prioritizing quality and innovation, Rotar remains a trusted partner in the industry, consistently delivering products that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Fields of Application

Heavy duty industry
Automotive and Vehicles industry
Packaging industry
Food, Pharma, Cosmetics, Medical industry
Aerospace, Robotics, and Automation industry

Support AND Technical Assistance

If you need technical support or need a discussion with one of our engineers to understand which is the best product for your needs or to request a special process, you can set up a call without obligation.

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