09/05/2023 ROTAR® proudly announces the increase of stock of standard universal joints & shafts

ROTAR® claims that standard universal joints & shafts, are available on stock for fast deliveries.

Learning from the past three years, ROTAR®’s standard universal joints and shafts must be available on stock.

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, followed by an increase of costs of energy, the shortage of raw materials, the instability and fluctuations of the market, taught ROTAR® that to have stock is better than not to have and to risk losses of sales or plant stoppage.

Therefore ROTAR® decided to change its strategy from producing “just in time” to stocking standard goods.

Massive investments have been done on procuring raw materials and on purchasing new machineries in order to increase the production capacity, and to promptly answering to market’s requests.

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